The lessons your child is teaching you.

Also this half term is over. And I am back at my exercises, music, papers and inspirations.

It’s funny how, everytime I get the opportunity to spend more time with my kids, I learn something new.

We always think we need to teach children everything about life, so that they will be one day adjusted to live in this society. But we forget to learn from them too.
Kids have lots to teach adults. If we were a bit more like children sometimes our life would be a little different, in a positive way.

This is what my husband and I learned from Nicolo’ and Gabriele over the past few days…


One afternoon Nicolo’ was having his favorite italian focaccia for snack. While sitting with him, I was asking him ‘what do you want to do later? Shall we… “ and I started making proposals for dinner or the next days… when I realized he was fully concentrated on his focaccia, truly enjoying it and really not thinking what was coming next.

This is only one example among millions of their ability to focus on the present. The future is a discovery; they don’t have to plan for it.

I am a control freak. I need to plan my day since the night before. Even on weekends. I really need to learn from Nicolo’!


We got out of the house in the morning after a snowing night. There was plenty of fresh snow for Nicolo’ and Gabriele to jump into. They started “swimming” on it, eating it, right there, in the middle of the street. After all… “who cares if we are going to get wet? Or, if people are watching us? We are having so much fun!”

Kids are like that. When they are happy they jump, laugh, dance everywhere. When they are sad, well… if you don’t like to hear crying, you’d better not be around!
But that’s great! They express themselves. Truly and deeply.

If one day in class you see me doing strange things, you know where I learned it from!



Me: “Nicolo’ please don’t say to Lele that I’ve given you this piece of chocolate, he had some already”
Nicolo’: “Lele, I’m eating chocolate!!”

What a bad mother I am to tell my son to hide something from his brother! And Nicolo’s honesty immediately told me this.

(Sorry, I know, many examples around food… but believe me, my kids LOVE eating!)


“Why”? is the most common word I am hearing from Nicolo’ since he was two!!!

How many times adults ask this question now? Very rarely.

Kids are amazing in their ability to be continuously curious to find out more, to learn, to experiment, to explore and discover.
We adults, instead, are most of them time too concentrated on our own things, that we lose the ability to pay attention to the beauty this world is continuously offering us.

What are your kids teaching you?
Please share your learning with us… I’d love to grow thanks to children wisdom…

Much love to you, as always,

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