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Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training

Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training has been created in response to a growing demand for learning this method and teaching it outside of London and the UK.
I have carefully designed the programme to offer in-depth, high quality training to those who are already dance teachers or have a minimum of five years’ dance experience. In addition to teaching the Barre&Baby™ method, the course covers essential information about pregnancy, the post-natal period and babywearing best practice.

Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training has been tested by dance, health and babywearing professionals, plus over 400 mamas and mamas-to-be that I’ve had the pleasure of supporting through their journey into motherhood.
The course itself features contributions from a midwife and sling expert, plus a detailed training manual for you to keep, to provide both the theoretical and practical training necessary to teach ballet classes to pregnant women and new mothers.

Course details

Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training covers:

• Barre&Baby™ philosophy and approach
• Health benefits of ballet (and dance in general) during pregnancy and the postnatal period
• Applied anatomy study of the pregnant and postnatal body
• Stages of pregnancy and accompanying physical and emotional changes
• Breathing exercises for your clients to practice during pregnancy, labour and birth
• Guided meditation scripts
• Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy exercise
• Common postnatal ailments and how to alleviate them
• Psycho-emotional changes that can occur during the postnatal period
• Clear babywearing guidelines for the safe use of slings in babywearing ballet classes
• Barre&Baby™ Pregnancy Ballet and Barre&Baby™ Mum&Baby Ballet class formats, plus daily practice classes during the course, so you have all the knowledge and experience you need to run your own Barre&Baby™ classes.

How to apply

The course is open to ballet and dance teachers, dancers, and students who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience of ballet or contemporary dance. To apply, please email elisa@barreandbaby.com to register your interest and receive the application form.


Before the course:
• Once you’ve submitted your application form, you’ll be invited for an informal interview and assessment. This can be done via Skype if you cannot easily get to London.
During the course:
• You are expected to attend and participate in all classes, as shown in the Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training schedule. If a session is missed, it must be taken at a later date in order for you to qualify. (Supplementary charge may apply.)
• You will be assessed on your ability to teach a class, including your ability to suggest modifications and additional support as sometimes needed by pregnant or postnatal women.
• You’ll be asked to attend 5 of Elisa’s normal (client-facing) Barre&Baby™ classes, including both Pregnancy and Mum&Baby Ballet (if you leave outside of London or UK, this point can be discussed).

Barre&Baby™ certification

Trainees who attend the whole course and successfully pass every assessment will receive the Barre&Baby™ Teacher certificate. This means you are a qualified Barre&Baby™ teacher and are accredited to teach the Barre&Baby™ method, either as an individual or in a pre-existing dance school.
To stay accredited, you must pass a fresh assessment every year. This assessment is tailored to the individual teacher and will be done remotely e.g. via email.

Course dates and location

We are currently working on the next Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training course. To be informed once details have been confirmed, please email us elisa@barreandbaby.com

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The course has been so much more than ballet for pregnant and new mothers. We all feel privileged that we are the first people you have shared your work with and to bringing these special classes to more mummies
– Miranda Burton – Owner of Bristol College of Dancing and Dance Inspirations