What mamas say

A few words from the mamas and mamas-to-be I’m lucky enough to teach.

“If I had to describe Barre & Baby in one word it would be: Genius!”

If I had to describe Barre & Baby in one word it would be: Genius! I did a little ballet when I was very young but never succeeded at it. I’ve always done exercise though, so after having my baby I knew I wanted to give Barre & Baby a chance, even though I wasn’t a ballerina, since I couldn’t think of another way of having physical activity.

My surprise was that not only I LOVE ballet and every class I feel my improvement, but I feel fit now and stronger every week since you really exercise the whole body. That’s why ballerinas have the most beautiful silhouettes of all. You seriously work out without exhausting yourself, which I find brilliant because I still need a lot of energy to take care of my baby boy.

The other amazing side of it is that my little one enjoys it as much as I do! He loves Elisa and just hearing her voice makes him smile, he stays on the sling the entire “mum part” just looking at every movement and waits patiently for his turn to sing and laugh with the other babies.

It has been heaven sent for my son and I! It has helped me in so many ways. Elisa encouraged me to use more my sling and taught me the correct way of use it and the posture I should always have to protect my back. That created a very special connection with my baby to the point that we can’t get enough of being together with the help of our sling. I find that my boy sleeps better the days we go to class.

I’ve met other moms there, and share advice on our little ones development and I wake up for Barre & Baby with a smile knowing it will be a great day!

I seriously couldn’t explain how much I love being a Barre & Baby practitioner and I know if my baby could speak he’d say the same.

– Paulina, mum of Jeronimo

“We cannot wait for our next class”

Elisa’s ballet class has become such an important part of our baby/mummy experience. Elisa makes everyone feel more than welcome and her lovely, warm attitude means that everyone leaves her class feeling light, relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

The exercises are amazing and have helped me find my old strength and endurance back. Baby is now one year old and we are still going strong. And of course, it is an amazing feeling to share such a wonderful experience with the little one. He loves the baby activities at the beginning of the class and then relaxes when mummy starts dancing-often he will fall asleep, gently rocked by the movement.

Elisa ensures that all mums feel comfortable listening to their babies’ needs: mums are encouraged to hug, feed, kiss, change nappies as needed; everything is just natural and stress-free. Although most babies will calmly sleep through the dancing.

Finally, I cannot recommend this class enough to anyone looking for some gentle yet super effective exercise. I injured my knee a few years ago and have never been as pain free as today. At the same time my legs, core and back have become very strong, allowing me to keep on baby wearing as my son gets heavier. And not to forget, the ballet exercises are great for the post-birth pelvic floor and generally improve posture, especially while baby-wearing.

Elisa will gently encourage you to do the best you can without ever pushing you over your limits, meaning that you will leave her class feeling energized rather than exhausted. She is an absolutely amazing teacher who manages to make you feel positive and grateful even on the the days following a tough night. We cannot wait for our next class with her!

– Katharina, mum of Henrik

“I found a new sense of energy”

Ballet with Elisa was ultimate bliss. I felt beautifully bonded with my baby, relaxed and found a new sense of energy. I was secretly petrified of pregnancy and labour and Elisa guided me through week by week. My husband encouraged me to keep classes up right up until week 36 because I arrived home so serene and content after class. I’m truly grateful for experiencing such a positive lead up to the birth and will always remember how special the classes were.

– Charlotte, mum-to-be

“I feel more confident and in control of my body”

Since I started Barre & Baby, around my 14 week s, I felt more confident and in control of my body. The classes are relaxing but Elisa always makes sure that we also work hard physically to prepare our growing and changing bodies for the birth. She talks about creating a connection with the baby and makes us feel happy and safe with some beautiful music.

I like the fact that she clearly has a profound knowledge and passion of ballet, but also of anatomical and physiological changes in pregnancy and the movements and exercises she prepares reflect this.

– Virginia, mum-to-be

“I can’t recommend it enough”

I didn’t have much experience in ballet, let alone during pregnancy, but I wanted to try something a bit different and also keep fit. However, Barre & Baby offers so much more from an exercise class. It’s a chance to separate yourself from everyday stressors of life and pregnancy, and really bond with your unborn baby.

The physical health benefits were amazing too. I would often walk into a class feeling a bit tense, and would have forgotten all about it within the hour. I would always sleep more soundly, but feel weirdly energised the next day – I can’t recommend it enough.

My bump and I would love the music that Elisa would play too, and he seems to really relax to it now he is born. I can’t wait to bring him the the baby classes!

– Anna, mum-to-be

“As a second time mum I have experienced lots of classes and can honestly say these are truly unique and magical”

Your classes are so amazing, you create such a lovely atmosphere, I feel truly transformed after each one, and come out more connected to my body, feeling freer, lighter and happier, with beautiful music in my head. And as a second time mum I have experienced lots of classes and can honestly say they are truly unique and magical. And all the stuff we do changed how I move afterwards, I would never have imagined stretching or bending with my baby in particular ways to reach out or pick up things, and now it’s another way I can move which becomes an extension of the dance.

It is unfortunate that I have no memory for choreography. As soon as I got home I googled the choreography song to discover it’s probably by zuchero, but could only do one of the steps. But the music and memory of the class keeps making me want to dance with my baby. It’s such a beautiful class.

Orly – second time mum

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