Why ballet for mamas?

As someone who’s danced since she was six, I know that ballet gives you strength for life.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I began to practice ballet exercises at home on my own, as there were no classes around that matched my needs.

It became a wonderful source of physical and mental strength, and helped me create a new type of bond with myself, my body and my baby – giving me the idea to start Barre & Baby.

Achieve a stronger, healthier body

At any time of life, exercise will help with your physical wellbeing. However, it’s even more important during pregnancy and after you give birth.

A stronger, more flexible and healthier body can help you to have an easier labour and quicker recovery. Your unborn baby also benefits, with her foetal cardiac system growing stronger and healthier as a result of Barre & Baby workouts.

I design the classes to achieve:

  • Correct body posture, strengthening and protecting the spine as the body adjusts to the increasing weight being carried, in the womb or in your arms after the baby arrives, reducing back strain.
  • Improved physical health, supporting you throughout pregnancy, preparing your body for a healthier labour and early motherhood.
  • More flexible body, needed to adjust to the constant changes happening inside you.

    And most importantly, the classes are designed to be FUN! I want you to really enjoy each class and feel the benefit of endorphins, the ‘feel-good hormone’, to reduce stress and tension, boost energy and create a positive mindset.
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    Forge a deeper connection

    Our relationships change when we have children – not only with our loved ones, but with ourselves and our bodies. And of course, there’s a brand new relationship with our baby to discover.

    This is why I created Barre & Baby to not only support you physically, but mentally. Every class carries a theme – such as ‘Flexibility’ or ‘Balance’ – and we explore what this theme means for your body and mind.

    As you dance, you’ll also be creating a deep bond with your baby, whether she’s waiting to be born or worn in a sling. During pregnancy, her senses start to develop very early on, and at 14 weeks she can already hear. Once she arrives, she’ll find the gentle movements and classical music of Barre & Baby soothing and relaxing. In fact, I find my classes send many babies fast asleep!

    Get in touch to book a class

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    Barre & Baby is a physical workout, a space to let the mind settle and the heart soar. The classes are well-structured, safe and enjoyable and Elisa is a warm and welcoming teacher.
    – Avni Trivedi – Osteopath for women before, during and after pregnancy

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