How many times have you asked yourself ‘Will I be a good mother?’

I’ve asked it myself a hundred of times! And I am still doing it… still wondering if what I have shared with my boys over the past 3 years will help them in their future lives.

This is one of the reasons I’ve created PregDance: by dancing the first dance with your baby (in the womb or in your arms), you’re creating a special bond, a very personal communication, which will help forming a positive beginning in your life together.

When mums come out of the Mum&Baby classes they say: ‘It’s magical how my baby feels so calm during this class. He completely relaxes when we get here and I can feel this benefit even after we get home.’
It confirms to me how important and rewarding bonding with your child from the start is. That’s why I’ve started PregDance!

Come and join PregDance classes too and share the love with other mums-to-be and new mums who wish to create positive beginnings for their baby.