I was on the tube the other day, coming back from my ballet class, and I was thinking how grateful I am of having met you and all the other mums that filled the Pregnancy and Mum&Baby Ballet classes in the latest months.
All of you, one by one, with your babies in the womb or in the arms, added a special touch to our class!

And this is a little way to say THANK YOU. Thank you for teaching me everyday something new. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Here are some of you, beautiful PregDance mums, and what PregDance meant for you…

If I had to describe PregDance in one word it would be: Genius!
Not only I LOVE ballet and every class I feel my improvement, but I feel fit now and stronger every week since you really exercise the whole body.

I seriously couldn’t explain how much I love being a PregDance mum and I know if my baby could speak he’d say the same.

It was at my first class, that I actually felt a connection with my baby, and I remember having tears in my eyes as I heard Elisa talk to us about trusting our body.

You always leave the class feeling a little lighter and a little happier.
I love spending the time of the class with you… and that’s one of the reasons why I never finish the class on time! Always 5 minutes late… I need to learn to manage my passion… Sorry!!!

I can’t wait to see you all again!