2016 have started. And with it many resolutions (or at least for me)…
‘Live the present moment’ (i.e. don’t check the email when you’re with the kids), ‘learn to cook’ (I’m probably the only Italian woman who doesn’t like cooking!!!), ‘wake up early to meditate everyday’ (the alarm clock has recently become one of my biggest challenges!), are only some of them… but probably the one dearest to me is the ability to maintain the BALANCE while facing the inevitable daily stresses of life.
We live in a constantly changing world, with so many things to accomplish during the day (prepare lunch, dinner, bath time, tidy up, hoover, put washing on, send that email…) that it is so easy to get strapped into stressful situations and feelings.
Your baby (in the womb or in your arms) has direct connection to your thoughts and emotions. Learning to stay centered will serve you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and new mum’s life.

That’s why at PregDance™ we are staring 2016 with a good resolution: finding your balance. In a releve’, as well as in your mind. At the end the two are so closed together!

This is what we will be working on this month.
During both Pregnancy and Mum&Baby Ballet classes we’ll be practicing balance exercises. We’ll be working on strengthening the muscles that help us stay up. We’ll be practicing to focus inward, by finding our centre to which hold on to. We’ll be listening to our breath, allowing us to get more centered, less anxious, more creative.

You know, body and mind work together: a balanced mind will translate into a balanced body. Let’s find our inner balance and we’ll be holding beautiful arabesques in 2016!

Can’t wait to practice with you!
Much love,