Is it only me, or when you receive a smile from a stranger that maybe holds a door for you , or when you receive a hug from a friend even when you think you didn’t need it, you feel surprisingly great?

Sometimes I forget how little things can change my feelings, perceptions and even my day (I need to add I am quite sensibly moody!!!).

We live in a city and in a part of the world where we get all too involved in the everyday urgency of things: we get to run to work, do the ‘school run’ (there’s a reason for it to be called like this no?), jump on the tube… that we lose the simple gestures that can enrich our existence… look at each other in the eyes, shake our hands, smile.

We can change this!

Starting with simple things in our everyday routine…
few minutes during your day to simply place your hands to your baby in the womb and connect with him or her through the sense of touch;
a loving eye contact with your baby lying in front of you during a nappy change;
one more kiss to your partner before going to sleep at night;
a meaningful touch with our friend who is crying or laughing (we don’t need to hug only when we are crying…!)

Chances are, it might activate a positive feeling in our heart and in our brain, leaving us to feel a little bit happier, a little bit lighter… and it might be contagious!

Let’s start a little touch revolution! This week, in our PregDance classes and outside, let’s give ourselves an extra smile, an extra touch, an extra hug… let’s see where this gets us!

If you know anyone who might be willing to join the hug revolution, please share this!

I’d love to hear your journey with the extra hug, smile or gaze in the comments below!

With so much love,