After almost 5 years since I discovered my first pregnancy, I am still transitioning through the motherhood journey.
From the moment a woman discovers she’s becoming a mother, she’s embarking a journey of change, which I think, in my experience, never stops.

Let alone your body, which changes dramatically to hold a baby inside you. And one day you look at yourself in the mirror and you realise it is YOU with that gorgeous bump, waiting for the arrival of your baby. I remember it was an incredible emotion, that ‘realisation’ moment.

Your mind too goes through a tremendous emotional transformation. Your priorities might change. You discover yourself much more emotional (hey, the hormones don’t help on stopping the crying even in front of Pretty Woman!). And this keeps on going also when your baby arrives… learning to change your sleeping patterns, to change your routine and to discover the sense of immense love you are felling for the tiny baby that you’re holding in your arms.

Learning to accept these changes sometimes is really natural, other times is a big effort.

I am still learning. And I am still transitioning. Every day is a transition to a new experience … nappy off, school, tantrums (oh yes, this is a transition too!!!!…)

This month, during our ballet classes, we’ll work on transitions. We’ll transition from a 5th to 4th position, from sitting to standing, from lengthening to letting go.

We’ll only apply what we are learning in life… especially during these early stages of motherhood… a full transition of our body and of our self!

Can’t wait to get it started!