“Her son is sleeping longer than mine.”

“My son is so shy.”

“She raises the legs higher than me.”

How many times do we find ourselves making judgments? I know, I know, they are not done to be rude and most of they times we are not even thinking we are judging. But we are. And it happens so easily.

The society we live in often dictates us what is beautiful and what is ugly. When something is right or something is wrong. What we should and should not do.

We are so used to give (and receive) LABELS that we don’t think it is possible in a different way.

We too are under a constant personal judgment:

“Am I a good mother?”

“My son is not walking yet, maybe I am holding him too much.”

“I am so heavy, how can I do ballet?”

WHAT IF we were able to look inside ourselves and listen to what our own gut is telling us? What if we were able to remove that labeled cover and we tried to see things in a different, much more personal perspective?

This is an argument so close to me, and that’s why I decided to make it the theme of this month.
So we can all (and I include myself here!) work on a having a non-judgmental life.

Starting from our classes!
Everything we do during PregDance classes is done to have fun, bond with your baby whilst strengthening your body. We’ll not look at how much the leg is raising or how long for you can hold the balance.
There’s no judgment is our classes and I AM NOT going to pick the prima ballerina among you! (I’m done with these competitions ☺).

So, enjoy March’s classes and choreography.

Spring is coming this month. Let’s welcome it with a renewed and refreshed approach.

Can’t wait to make this month start with tomorrow’s classes!

Much Love,