Yes, this is me and Lele in this (really bad quality, sorry!) video, rehearsing April’s choreography at the park (as, to make Lele, sleep I have to get out practising!!!… This is what you do for your baby’s sleep and for your passion!!!)

Since I’ve introduced a theme to support each month’s ballet class, its exercises, its music and its choreographies, I’ve always based it on the emotional and spiritual side of what we can gain during the class.

Recent studies have found an association between ballet and wisdom”Ah… that’s why she talks so much” … you are thinking right now… I know, I know. But that might have also been one of the reasons I associate lots of emotional benefits to our ballet classes.

But this month we change.
April will be all about EXERCISE.
Because, after all, this is what we do in our classes!
We practice Ballet, the most finest athletic art.

Some of you might not feel like an athlete at all, and nonetheless like an artist.
But you are! Believe me. (Let’s remember that you carry a baby during all the grand plie’ we practice in the class!!!)

We exercise because it makes us feel good.
Because it makes us stronger to carry our baby.
Maybe because it makes us look good too (all that buttocks and core work will be worth something, right?!)

What ever is your reason for practicing, let’s make sure you get them most out of it.

During this month’s classes, we’ll work on increasing self-awareness, allowing you to FEEL your body working out, strengthening and lengthening.

We’ll make sure you’ll feel the strength of your body increasing as you feel less fatigue carrying your baby.

We’ll make sure you’ll feel the opening of your chest to counterbalance the feeding position you might spend the most time on.

We’ll work on providing flexibility to your body, and remembering to your joints how free they can actually move.

And we’ll allow the workout to release the endorphins in your body to make you feel happier!

This (low quality – sorry!) video is a backstage of my rehearsal of the new choreography… to make Lele sleep I have to get out practising in the park!

Spring is here. Let’s make our body feel the rejuvenation!

Ready to start our April ballet classes? I can’t wait!!!

Love you,