The mind. That intangible thing that can make everything happen. Or not.
Various studies have shown how the mind and the images held within it can largely determine our success or failure in life.

My question is: do we cultivate our mind to improve our life?

Here are a few things we could do, on a daily basis, even for a few minutes a day (these precious few minutes between nappy changes and feeds!), to help our mind to thrive.
And how we’re applying them during our Pregnancy and Mum&Baby ballet classes this month: we’re allowing our mind to make the exercise happen. To make that balance in arabesque happen.
To remind us we can do this. We can give birth as much as we are giving life to our baby inside the womb.

Practice Meditation
Everyone talks about it nowadays. And it seems so easy for everyone! I honestly find very challenging to clear my mind from the stream of thoughts that are constantly passing through it. With the hectic life we are used to live (especially when being or becoming a mother), our mind is so full of things to do.

Ballet helps a lot. The concentration required to remember the exercise sequence that we practice during the class is a form of meditation: we are letting the thoughts pass and go, without holding on them, totally concentrating on our body and our baby.

Repeat Positive Affirmations
positive aff
Words and thoughts create emotions. The repetition of positive thoughts into our mind generates positive feelings that, over time, become beliefs.
That is why at the end of each pregnancy ballet class, when you’re totally relaxed and your mind is clear from thoughts, I repeat positive birth affirmations to you. To remind you of your strength, confidence and ability to give birth to your baby without fear.
Try to bring them with you and repeat them to yourself, during a moment of calm, maybe before going to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning.

Work With Visualisations
You’ve heard me so many times saying to visualise your-self making that step or balance, and achieving it: mentally reproducing pictures of a desired goal is an important step to achieve it.
This can be applied to how you want to give birth, or how you want to see yourself as a mother. It helps me a lot to readjust myself during challenging moments.

So keep practising. Be confident. Believe in your-self and in your power to make things happen as you really want to!