Our mind is so powerful! Mind & body are linked, they work in synergy and having a calm mind helps to achieve a calm and more performing body.

This union of mind-body had been forgotten in the Western world for so many centuries, but finally, we are rediscovering it. Researchers are now proving that thoughts and images in the mind can largely influence the success of our actions.

This is true in many ways! Let’s see two of the most effective ways, with a few great tips for you!

1 – The body is the action of the mind: the mind is not able to act, it has the body to translate the thoughts into action. So by visualising the outcome that you desire, you can assist the body in performing it.
Have you ever experienced salivation just by thinking of a food that you like? Well, the food is not there, but just by visualising it your mind commands a physical reaction in your body.

Imagine how much your mind can condition your body!

This is where the power of visualisations resides.

During pregnancy – Have you been told that your placenta is still low? Visualise it moving upwards, a few millimetres up every day! Do you wish you could help your baby to go into the optimal positioning before birth? First, be relaxed as much as possible: uterine muscles need to relax to allow sufficient space for your baby to rotate with the head down. Then, visualise the image here, every day! (Be aware of your posture though and don’t slouch on your couch! Elisa’s classes and postural tips will help!).
Optimal birth visualisation

During labour & birth there are good visualisations that can help, especially when combined with proper breathing techniques.
A simple and good one is visualising your perineum smoothly and gradually opening like a blossoming flower. This is the perfect nice season to take a picture of blossoming flowers: print it and post it on your bedroom’s walls, and you’ll create the basis for that smooth and gradual opening. Or just use this one here!
blossimng flower visualisation

After birth, visualising your milk flowing, will help to release any tension and fear of not producing enough milk for your baby. In fact mums that express their milk know very well how little milk they can express when they are tense.

2 – Thoughts create behaviour and action: Thoughts repeated in the mind over and over become feelings. Feelings over time become beliefs. And beliefs control the way we act and move in life.

Think of this: constantly engaging yourself in thinking that you’re shy creates the imprinting in your subconscious mind. And guess what? This becomes your belief and behaviour, influencing the way you act with others.

What happens then if you think that you’re not good enough at giving birth or at looking after your sweet demanding baby?

Everything starts from the thoughts that we form in our mind!

This is why affirmations are so effective: affirmations help to plant the seeds for positive thinking, which will affect your feelings, and so your beliefs and behaviours. And this will have an effect on the outcome!

During pregnancy it helps to focus on positive birth stories, which will influence your attitude towards it, and so the actual birth of your baby.
Please (!), don’t watch ‘One born every minute’ before birth, as stories in the show are carefully selected and edited simply to create drama! Watch animals’ births instead, in particular births of mammals. Physiologically there’s no difference between them and us, and you’ll be amazed at how easy and moving these births are! These inspiring births clearly show how much the negative ‘aura’ around birth conditions our mind; animals live births simply as a natural moment in their life and nothing else. This is why there’s no struggle!

During birth and your preparation for birth it is very effective to recite good affirmations for birth, such as ‘I trust my body and my baby to know how to birth’, and ‘I am relaxed and happy that my baby is finally coming to me’.
You can also create your own affirmations: just remember to use the present tense and be positive (no use of the word ‘no’).
Preg affirmations Baby finally coming

After birth it is so very important to believe in your innate abilities to care for a new-born baby. Just think: if this wasn’t the case, the human species would not be around!!
There are so many opinions around, and it is of foremost importance to listen to your own instincts and believe in yourself, in your body and your ability to give birth and then care for your sweet baby.
These affirmations, if recited daily, can help: ’I am the perfect mother for my baby’, ‘I believe in myself as a capable and wonderful mother’, ‘My mother’s intuition leads me to the right choices’.
Post natal affirmations CAPABLE MOTHER

Not to sound too feminist, but women had been disempowered for a very long time in their ability of creating a life with themselves, of instinctively being able to give birth and then to take care of their baby.

Trust yourself, because truly you are a force of nature!

Laura Artero – www.happy-birthing.com