I haven’t been really original this month on the choice of the theme of the month… FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR BABY seems such a common thing to say… (and really… is there something more to say to make it a theme of the month??).

Loving your baby is the most natural thing that can happen in your life…. And yet, there’s so much more to explore about it… there’s the ability to savour every given moment you spend with your baby… from the moment of conception to the first hug, to… well, it really never stops and keeps on growing… (and here my Italian attitude comes out… “cuore di mamma”!)

Love is one of the most important emotions in helping to build a positive foundation for your baby. The love that you as parents feel for each other and the love you both feel for your baby are just the base of this journey.

Love can be expressed in many ways, even when your baby is in your womb!
pregnancy fall in love
During pregnancy your baby’s persona is being shaped by the experiences and sensations that you’re living: you two are already sharing emotions, stories, experiences.
The best thing you can do to start falling in love with your baby (if you haven’t madly done it yet) is to dedicate time during your pregnancy to interact with your little one:

– you can talk to your baby
– play music to him
– interact through the sense of touch by massaging your belly
– even “play” with your baby through touching the belly and waiting for a response back… you’ll be surprise by how much your baby is ready to play and interact with you from the womb… isn’t this magical???!!!
And once your baby is born, the intimacy that you and your baby have built during the 9 months of pregnancy, can continue with the same intensity:

– holding your baby close to you
– talking and reading stories to him/ her
– singing together (and why not… DANCING together ??!!! ☺ )
– enjoying eye contact (this is such a profound way to connect with your baby… I still remember (and still do it now) how many times I cried or laughed looking and my sons in their eyes (I’m an incredibly romantic… I know!!!)
looking in the eyes
So, have a go and tell me your way to bond and fall in love with your baby. Everyone will have a different experience and it would be lovely to hear how much love can be expressed in many different ways!

See you at class, for another two weeks of bonding (and sweating, of course!!! ☺ ) together!

Much love to you xxx