Our life is a constant evolution. You know this better than me, being a new mum or a mum-to-be. Everyday there’s a surprise, a change, a new experience.
And you know how much it is important to be able to react and adapt to these changes.


Being flexible means being able to adapt to the changes happing to your body during pregnancy (feet that don’t fit any longer on the shoes, mood swings that make you unstable…).

And to all changes happening to your life once your baby arrives (breastfeeding with its joys and despairs, sleepless nights, no more time for relaxing showers… oh dear!).

These are changes, and the ability to live with them and to adapt through them, is a huge support.

And, that’s what we’ll be working on this month in our ballet classes: creating flexibility for our body and for our mind!

Here you can find only some of the benefits that a flexible body can give you. And you will experience these during this month’s ballet exercises.

Your body alignment will improve

A flexible body is better able to adjust to the changes in its posture and therefore to sustain a good alignment in the body. By providing flexibility to the hips, joints, legs and back, you’re allowing your body to module following the changes and to find the perfect balance in a good posture.
No more back pain!!!

Your mobility will increase, making things all a bit easier ☺

If your hips and joints are flexible, your body will find it easier to move through the widening phase required to make space for the increasing weight of the baby in the womb, (or the opposite it’s also true: when our baby arrives, a mobile body will make it easier to come back to your pre-birth shape… but take your time… there’s no rush on that!!!).

Stiffness and tension: off you go!

A mobile, flexible body is also a more relaxed body, a body that can breathe through the changes, and allow them to happen.
A flexible body helps releasing tension in the spine, neck and shoulder. It relaxes you pelvis and lower back.
No more tension in your body because you are so strong and grounded!

More oxygen to your body and to your baby!

When your body is flexible, movements get easier and as a consequence, more circulation of blood flows in your body. This is incredibly important when you have a baby growing inside you, but it is as well important when you need good oxygenated blood to circle into your body to recover after birth and to sustain the production of breast milk for your baby.
Your mind too will benefit with a cleaner and more oxygenated blood in your body ☺

So, see you this week at classes, for a full month of flexibility workout!

Today’s first class of the month ended like this. Seems pretty nice, right?
class today

Can’t wait to see you all!!

With all my love,