Energy. Such a good word. It’s nice to say it, to hear it, to feel it.
And it’s the word that comes up in my mind every time I listen to this month’s Mum&Baby ballet choreography music. Together with VITALITY and LIVELINESS. Because often these things come together.
The energy to follow your instinct and do things the way you want, without feeling overwhelmed by what everyone else tells you.
The energy to wake up in the morning after a bad sleep night because your baby wanted to feed all night or because you couldn’t find a comfortable position with your bump.
The energy of a ballet exercise. (And the energy to remember that ballet exercise!!)
The energy of your baby’s legs when she first tries to crawl or walk.

September PregDance classes are designed to do that: to give you that extra Joy and Vitality you need to carry out all things new and expectant mums have to do!

Listen here to the track that’ll burst your vitality, and come and join our classes to wake up your inner extra energy!

And now c’mon on the comments below or on PregDance facebook page to share your secrets to keep your energy up!