We’re at the end of November, the weather is getting chilly, the days are shortening, and I love the sensation of waking up in the morning with a nice fresh air weakening up my body and mind. (Every morning when I have my shower I love to use very cold water on my feet and legs, followed by warm water. This activates my circulation ready for the day to come. It makes me feel so good!)

For the last weeks at class I’ve asked you to work quite intensively on your body. This month we’re working towards that beautiful ballerina posture that everyone talks about.

Some of you have been attending PregDance classes for over a year now. And it’s amazing to see the changes in their body. But to be honest it’s amazing to see them also to mums that have been attending only a few classes.

This is only due to your body awareness.

You’ve heard me repeating so many times (oh no, I now sorry… how boring I can be!!!) to find your body, to feel your back getting stronger, to notice if your feet, pelvis, shoulders are in a good alignment.

Now, of course I’m asking you to pay attention to these sensations to improve your body wellbeing and reduce any aches and pain you might have (so common during the pregnancy and motherhood journey).

But there are some hidden benefits on building that beautiful ballerina posture… benefits that I hope you’re starting to enjoy now, after having practiced for some weeks and that hopefully stay with you far beyond the walls of the studio.

Having a good, strong posture makes you feel good in your body and, as a consequence, in your mind and spirit.
Beyond looking taller, standing up straight increases mental alertness and communicates confidence.

As we exercise, we train our brain and body to communicate better to each other, leading to an improved posture and therefore balance, strength and grace.
You learn to embrace the changes happening in your body as a beautiful transformation that is part of the ‘giving life’ magical process.
You feel proud of yourself, carrying your baby in your womb or in your arms, with grace, strength, force.

No more slumping over buggies!

To develop a strong posture you need proper breathing.
When you work towards achieving the correct body posture, you are allowing your diaphragm to work in the correct way, massaging your digestive organs and activating your lungs performance.
As a consequence you breathe and digest better, which is so useful during pregnancy and early motherhood!

Keep breathing and focus on the importance of your breath!

As we’ve seen, exercise + healthy posture stimulate your perfect body functions. This in other words means improving your immune system.
According to new research, even small amounts of movement have been proven to solve some medical issues, turning out that exercise isn’t just good for you, it’s the best medicine.

Some people say that perfect posture could also lengthen your life, as a result of your body being straight and your breathing improved!

So, ballerina mums, all your ballet work and effort is worth much more that you think!

As we do in class, get used to taking just a moment to think about the way you are standing and get used to the feel of good Ballet posture over time.
And then, join the conversation on the blog or on our facebook page to share the feelings you get while finding your perfect body posture and how this helps in your motherhood journey.

I can’t wait to keep practicing our perfect ballerina posture over the next few weeks!

Tanti baci
Elisa x

P.S. If you have friends who would benefit from improved body and mind wellbeing during their pregnancy or motherhood journey, share this post! It could let them realise how rewarding it is to take care of yourself.