2016 has been an intense year. In many different ways. Challenging, surprising, overwhelming at times.
In the mix of events happening in the outside world, our little classes have been a peaceful place where to hide in sometimes, where to express, find peace, bond, share and discover a new part of ourselves.

This video is a collection of little memories of your PregDance year.

I want to THANK YOU for the amazing energy you brought into classes and into my life.
Watching you, whilst you dance with your baby, creating the base for a loving, respectful and compassionate life for your baby, is inspirational. 
I hope 2017 will share these values everywhere.
I wish you a loving time with your family, a warm and happy Christmas and a 2017 fuelled with love and respect.

I can’t wait to start a new year with you!

Tanti baci. Love you.
Elisa x