Always been.
I think we all, mothers, tend to be like this.
To the point that we want to control the life of our kids … which whilst they are babies can still be done (even if we could argue that they are actually controlling us!)… but too soon they’ll start to express their personality and we’ll have to realise they have their own way and we just have to

These two words are the magic words that pregnancy and motherhood taught me.
Yes, we want be in control of our body and mind: this to me means KNOWING, having an awareness, be connected with our body and LISTEN to its cues. It will tell us so much if we just listen. Then we’ll be in control and we’ll know how to respond.
Some things, though, are out of control. And we learn it so much during pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood. Certain things that only nature decides and there’s not much we can do … (even if the awareness of our body empowers us to know how to deal with it. This means also being informed and prepared: don’t let everyone else tell you want to do!)

This is what we’re working in our classes this month: be control of our body, knowing it and feeling it, but also be able to LET IT GO… just dance, take out the emotions, feelings… expressing ourself. Our babies will get to know us deeply… Isn’t this amazing?

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