Have you ever thought that the baby you’re holding now close is, not only the best thing you’ve ever done (and if you’re pregnant and still not realising it, promise, you’ll do it soon!), but also one of the biggest opportunities life has gifted you with?

Raising a child is a huge responsibility, we all know that. A responsibility that does not only rely on making sure your little one doesn’t get hurt (or doesn’t hurt!). Or that he grows as a polite and kind person. It goes deeper. It stretches as much as the impact our work as parents can have on the rest of the world. Yes, I know… quite a scary thought! But you can decide to get scared. Or, to see it from a different angle… as an opportunity. 

From the moment we discover we have a human being growing inside, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for our own actions. We can decide how our baby can start to discover this world… through the things we do, the music we listen to (or not!), the food we eat, the way we connect with our body (and thus our baby), the way we treat ourselves and other… all our experiences shape us … and reach all the way to our baby.

Embrace this opportunity! Through your example, your baby learns to associate things that make you (and him) feel calm or stressed. He can learn the effect classical music can make to the body and mind. He can learn to never give up pursuing what he thinks is right… if this is what you show him!

As you dance during the class, think of the OPPORTUNITY you’re holding inside or close to your heart.

A ‘challenging’ (because let’s face it: growing a child is beautiful but never easy!!) opportunity to do things differently. To make an impact. Because each one of us can. Through our actions, we can teach our kids, the new generation, the RESPECT towards all human beings (and all beings), towards nature and the planet that hosts us. 

Starting from class, show to your child how you take responsibility for your own balance, of the high of your leg. Don’t blame the mum next to you for lifting the leg higher! 
Each pose, each exercise, each balance is an opportunity for YOU (and your baby) to grow. To do things differently. And your child will learn from it. 

If you want to live this opportunity, come and join our classes and experience how you can make an impact in this world, even through a simple arabesque! 

What are your concrete examples to make the world a better place?
Please share them by leaving a comment below with your story. … we’d all love to hear everyone’s approach! 

As always, thank you for reading, for sharing, for trusting us. 

You, mums, are the inspirations to all of us, Barre&Baby teachers, and frankly speaking to the rest of the world. You don’t even know how much!

With SO much love, 

Elisa xxx