Whether you’re expecting a baby or already holding one in your arms, I have one piece of advice for you: Be Flexible.

Last week Caterina has been quite challenging at class. Which was an interesting test for me: to keep teaching and make you feel good, AND nourishing Caterina and make her feel good too. But these were the perfect occasions for me to apply the theme of this month: FLEXIBILITY. Of the body, as well as of the mind.

I had to adapt my teaching to listen to Caterina’s need: release the wrap, allow her to get to the breast to then fall asleep. I had to demonstrate the exercise or choreography with one arm as the other was supporting Cat’s head which I couldn’t adjust in time without making you lose precious minutes of the class.
Despite you being so patient and understanding, I felt uncomfortable and stressed. I was worried about not being present in the right way for you, but also, to not give the attention that Caterina deserved.

Then, I applied what I was preaching: I decided to be open and flexible at accepting whatever was coming. Without regrets, or guilt.

Pregnancy Ballet
Pregnancy Ballet
To be flexible is also referred to as being able to adapt, to openness, to give.
Incredible how these words are so appropriate to both ballet and motherhood, right?
How many times you had to adapt your plans, your wardrobe, your dinner (or the hope for a calm and relaxing dinner 🙂 !) to the needs of the new life growing inside or close to you?

Pre Caterina, I used to wake up at 5:30am to have 90 min of ME time, to practice, meditate, work. It was my most precious time of the day. Now it feels like a dream, as Caterina simply doesn’t let me move out of bed. I MISS so much these early hours for me… but I know that I will have these back soon, while  Caterina will not always be asking for me close to her. And I feel happily open to adapt to her needs.

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of examples of how much your life adapts when you’re becoming a mother. Share them here … inspire us all!

Of course, flexibility is a key word in the ballet class too: having a flexible body able to stretch and lengthen… this is what we’ll work until December at all our Barre&Baby classes, whether them in London, Hertfordshire and Rome!
If you haven’t reserved your space yet, do so now! And invite your friends to join our ballerina mums community…. a space to bring balance back into our lives, using the beauty of ballet. As when you feel balanced you can love without boundaries!

See you at class!

Elisa and the Barre&Baby team xxxx