New Year. New You. But who you really are? The roles of being a mother.

It’s a fact. Entering into motherhood it’s a major event.

So many women feel changed by motherhood in ways that can be unsettling and confusing.

Mums with babies and mums-to-be dancing
From a biological point of view, pregnancy leads to long lasting changes in human brain structure (full study here.) The good news is that not only are these changes normal, they also are productive, helping women to become the parents that their babies need. The affected brain regions include those that enable a mother to multitask, to meet her baby’s needs, to empathise with her infant’s pain and emotions, and regulate how she responds to positive stimuli (such as baby’s coo) or to perceived threats.
You feel relieved, right?    In addition to the biological changes in the brain that Mother Nature has gifted us with, there are all the changes in our lifestyle, which can be unsettling too.  

Have you ever thought at the number of hats you need to wear during your day?

Mother Father and Baby dancing Tango

From the moment we wake up we need to take responsibility of all our roles: mother, woman, wife, lover, friend, worker, entrepreneur, maybe dancer. 

I find it difficult to balance these different roles: the guilt of not doing enough as a mother or at work or at home is constantly there . And there are days, when tired in bed at the end of the day, I think all I have done in my day and I ask myself

Who am I? Among all these hats, who is really me?

Babywearing ballet

This term in our Barre&Baby classes you’ll get the chance to be exactly who you need to be in each specific moment! There’ll be classes when you’ll want to wear the mother’s hat, others the daughter’s hat and others the dancer’s hat… because you always wanted to dance but never did… and now motherhood gave you the chance to do it!

We hope to see you at class… your space to bring balance back into your life, through the beauty of ballet.