Your Movement Snack series: (tech) Neck Release

I see this every day

From the people walking in the streets.
To the clients I serve in class.

It’s probably the most visible sign of our TECH generation (the one which spends loooong hours in front of a technology screen).

If, while reading this, you realise you’re holding your head in this forward position, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS:

It will change, in an instant, the shape of your whole body.
And decrease the level of strain you’re placing on it, resulting in relief for: 

– headaches
– disk problems
– foggy head
– digestive issues
– breathing issues
– swallowing problems

(Who could have thought a simple neck position could affect all this??)

How to do it? Watch this 5′ video!

Now you know what to do when you find yourself in this position:

1) First, congratulate yourself: awareness is the first seed of change!

2) Second, ramp your head: without lifting your chin, slide your face back until your ears stack up over your shoulders and smile at your double sexy chin!

Bye chickens! I’ll recognise you next time I see you in the street 🙂