Adult ClassesDancing Mindfully

"When I dance I get in touch with my emotions and I come back to myself"


I truly believe dance is one of the most powerful languages we have!

So, to bring the benefits of movement to more people, I have created classes solely for adults – no baby required!

Open to everyone, male and female, from beginners to more experienced dancers, classes are based on ballet and contemporary dance, with elements of yoga, pilates and barre. Great focus is placed on alignment and posture.

Combining the grace, body awareness and fun of a dance class, with the mindfulness and focus of yoga, these classes are a uniquely restorative and uplifting experience for both body and soul.

Group Classes

Beginners Adult Ballet

Some of our team teachers across UK, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Serbia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Belgium deliver Dance Mindfully classes!

Please visit Our Team page to connect with your country’s teacher and book a class with them.

Virtual Private Classes

Held in the comfort of your own home, our one-hour Dancing Mindfully private classes are completely bespoke. Tailored specifically to your needs, these lessons combine elements of dance, yoga, pilates, barre and natural movement to support your journey of bringing balance back into your life.

£50 Single
£200 Pack of 5 classes

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