Become aBarre&BabyTeacher

"The course has been so much more than ballet for pregnant and new mothers."

Miranda Burton – Owner of Bristol College of Dancing and Dance Inspirations

The next Barre&Baby Teacher Training starts in June 2023. Applications are now open.

I have carefully designed the programme to offer in-depth, high quality training to those who are already dance teachers or have a minimum of five years’ dance experience. In addition to teaching the Barre&Baby™ method, the course covers essential information about pregnancy, the post-natal period and babywearing best practice.

Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training has been tested by dance, health and babywearing professionals, plus over 1000 mamas and mamas-to-be that I’ve had the pleasure of supporting through their journey into motherhood.

We embrace different dance styles, from Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, Salsa and all the way to Kathak dance.

The course itself includes a Babywearing Peer Supporter Training and Certificate by Carrying Matters, plus a detailed training manual for you to keep, to provide both the theoretical and practical training necessary to teach dance classes to pregnant women and new mothers.

Since the classes involve babies, if you are expecting or have a baby, you are of course welcome to bring her or him along! This is also the beauty of teaching these classes: sharing your passion for your work with your baby!

Over 30 new B&B teachers, 10 countries, 3 continents and many happy mums and babies since the first B&B teacher Training, I can now say the programme truly works!

What we’re learning in our intimate Barre&Baby courses is how to create an honest space for mothers and women, where, by getting to know their body and learning to feel it and hear it, they can ultimately gain the confidence and trust to become the mothers they want to be. And we can achieve this with the power of dance and movement.
If this is what you desire to offer on your teaching path, you’re in the right place!
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What you'll get

Pre Course Study

It will be sent 1 month before the start of the course, and will be followed by an online assessment before starting the course.

7 Modules

You’ll be able to organise your own time schedule

16 Live Sessions

We’ll connect as a group 14 times during the course

Over 50 Pre Recorded Videos

Anatomy explanations, Physical exercises, Barre combinations, Guided relaxations

You’ll have unlimited access to these videos, which you’ll be able to revisit them as many times as you'll need: they are yours for life!

One-to-One Session

1 hour private session with Elisa before final assessment

Teaching Assessments

You'll be assessed on your theory and your teaching practice, with real time feedback and mentoring support

Marketing support

You'll receive a marketing kit to promote your classes, plus support and advises on how to set up and build your own classes

Music Playlist and Ideas

Barre&Baby teachers' best playlists will be shared to inspire you in your teaching experience

Supportive Group

You'll become part of a supportive and intimate group of Barre&Baby teachers, sharing resources, ideas, inspirations and support

"The course helped me a lot and gave me confidence.

I'm glad I could meet a person like Elisa, I was honored. I'm happy to be part of the community."

Anna Vonka



Anatomy of an expectant woman

How the body of an expectant woman changes and how can we support these changes through dance, movement and posture

  • Anatomy and Alignment study
  • Postural changes during Pregnancy
  • Exercises to support these changes
  • Possible Pregnancy Ailments and how to support them


How to prepare a Barre&Baby™ Pregnancy class

  • Which exercises and movements are beneficial for a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Guided breaths, meditation and relaxation scripts
  •  Multiple exercises combinations provided
Barre and Baby


Anatomy of a Postnatal Body

How the body of a new mum changes and how can we support these changes

    • Anatomy and Alignment study
    • Postural changes during the postnatal period
    • Exercises to support these changes
    • Possible Ailments and how to support them
Postnatal class


How to prepare a Barre&Baby™ Postnatal class

  • Which exercises and movements are beneficial for a healthy post-birth recovery
  • Guided breaths, scripts
  • Multiple exercises combinations provided
Beginner ballet workshop



  • History and benefits
  • How to safely and comfortably wear in class and outside in real life!
  • Exploration of the types of carriers available
  • Adjustments and tips to comfortably wear each carrier

This part of the course is delivered together with Dr Rosie Knowles from Carrying Matters and passing this module will certify you as a Peer Supporter with Born to Carry

Pregnancy Ballet class


Words matter!

  • How to best relate to mums about their physical and emotional feelings
  • Getting a class started: Marketing to support your class’s launch and promotion


Final Barre&Baby™ Assessments

Supported by the whole Barre&Baby teachers team, you will be assessed and guided into confidently and professionally teaching Barre&Baby

"There was a tremendous amount of information shared and also helpful tips and tricks which was most valuable. I’m very excited!"

Amanda Good

"I was excited for the course but I didn't expect to learn as much as I did and be able to take sections of the program into my own personal life. Especially as I am not a mother myself but I was able to connect with the programme and the themes and the ups and downs of motherhood in my own way. "

Emma Saxon

"I am very happy that I have found a way to take Kathak forward to pregnant and postnatal women, which is something quite new for the dance form. I also have renewed confidence in myself, and believe that I have something to offer women in the form of this knowledge and class."

Jalpa Shah - Professional Kathak dancer

"I am so glad I choose to do this course and become a barre & baby teacher. I LOVE IT ❤️ I love your passion, the work, the benefits, the other teachers, how it's made me grow, how the other teachers have grown. I will be forever grateful. "

Mrs Elizabeth Johnson - Ballet Teacher

"The way you are doing it is how it should be done; few classes go to this level of detail (and it really shows in all your work)"

Dr Rosie Knowles - GP and founder of Carrying Matters

How To Apply

The course is open to dance teachers, dancers, and students who have a minimum of 5 years’ dance experience.

To apply, please email Elisa to register your interest and receive the application form.

Before the course

Once you’ve submitted your application form, you’ll be invited for an online informal interview and assessment.

During the course

  • You are expected to attend and participate in all classes
  • You will be assessed on your ability to teach a class, including your ability to suggest modifications and additional support as sometimes needed by pregnant or postnatal women.
  • You’ll be asked to attend 3 of Elisa’s Barre&Baby™ online classes

Barre&Baby™ certification

Trainees who attend the whole course and successfully pass every assessment will receive the Barre&Baby™ Teacher certificate. This means you are a qualified Barre&Baby™ teacher and are certified to teach the Barre&Baby™ method, either as an individual or in a pre-existing dance school.

To stay accredited, you must pass a fresh assessment every year. This assessment is tailored to the individual teacher and will be done remotely.


Pre Course study: June 2023

Pre Course Quiz to be completed by June 20th 2023


Module 1

Live session: Monday 26th June 9 – 11:30am UK Time

Optional Live Q&A: Thursday 29th June 1 – 2 pm UK time

Module 2

Live session: Wednesday 5th July 9 – 11:30 am UK Time

Optional Live Q&A: Friday 7th July 1 – 2pm UK time

Module 3

Live session: Monday 10th July 9 am – 12 pm UK Time

Optional Live Q&A: Thursday 13th July 1 – 2 pm UK time

Module 4

Live session: Monday 17th July 9 – 11:30 am UK Time

Optional Live Q&A: Thursday 20th July 1 – 2 pm UK time

Live session: Monday 24th July 9 am – 12 pm UK Time

Optional Live Q&A: Thursday 27th July 1 – 2 pm UK time

Module 5

Optional Live Q&A: Thursday 17th August  9 – 10 am UK time

Module 6

Live session: Thursday 7th September  9:30am – 2:30pm UK time

Module 7

Live session: Thursday 14th September 9am – 12pm UK time

Live session: Thursday 21st September 9am – 12pm UK time

Final Assessments:

Live session: Saturday 7th October 9am -12pm UK time

Live session: Saturday 14th October 9am – 15pm UK time



Course fees and booking policy

Course fee is £890 (or 3 monthly instalments of £300)

Because I want the space to be intimate and in order to support you at best, the training course has a limited number of participants.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • You must attend the entire course and pass every assessment in order to receive your Barre&Baby™ Teacher certificate.
  • You must fulfil the entire payment in order to receive the certification, once you passed the assessment.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We can offer a full refund at the beginning of the course if all following statements apply:

  • you have not completed (or attempted to complete) Module 1 (but only reached to the Pre Course Study)
  • you have not downloaded the Barre&Baby Teacher Training Manual

If refund is requested after the above conditions, refund won’t be possible and monthly payments are still expected to be fulfilled for the entire course cost.

If the above conditions are met, full refund will be made within 28 days, however, a £20 admin fee will be applied. i.e. You will receive the full course fee minus £20.

Once you request a refund access to the course will be removed and you will not be able to receive a certificate for the course.