Become aBarre&BabyTeacher

"Our hope is that by bringing women home to their own bodies, they will come to trust themselves more, as well as their power to create change in their own lives, and the world"

Elisa Reinerio and Claudia Richli - Barre&Baby trainers

The next Barre&Baby Teacher Training starts in April 2024.

Applications are now open.

We have carefully designed the programme to offer in-depth, high quality training to those who believe in the power of movement and believe that a real “Motherhood Movement” is required, a movement that celebrates and supports motherhood as the frontline for the future.

"It will be a revolution when we don't just SAY mothers are important. It will be a revolution when we finally start treating motherhood as if it were important"

Naomi Wolf - Misconceptions

Becoming a Barre&Baby teacher is much more than learning to teach prenatal or postnatal dance or movement classes.

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a movement teacher or a mother yourself, Barre&Baby will become an inspiration for how to care about mothers and how to care about your body and mind.

Here you will learn not only how simple and natural movement can have a huge impact on how you’re carrying your body in your day-to-day life, but also how movement can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We deeply believe in movement as a powerful tool to transform our bodies, emotions, lives.

If you would like to integrate conscious movement into your life as a mother or into the life of the women you are serving , then this course is for you. 


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Barre&Baby™ Teacher Training has been tested by dance, health and babywearing professionals, plus thousands mamas and mamas-to-be that we’ve had the pleasure of supporting through their journey into motherhood.

Barre&Baby is the result of study of movement, of anatomy and physiology, of deep listening to mothers needs and mainly of huge passion for the natural form of movement as language, as expression.

In addition to teaching the Barre&Baby™ method, the course covers essential information about pregnancy, the post-natal period and babywearing best practice.

"The way you are doing it is how it should be done; few classes go to this level of detail (and it really shows in all your work)"

Dr Rosie Knowles - Founder of Carrying Matters

The course itself includes a Babywearing Peer Supporter Training and Certificate by Carrying Matters, plus a detailed training manual for you to keep, to provide both the theoretical and practical training necessary to hold movement spaces for women in their pregnancy and postnatal journeys.

"I was excited for the course but I didn't expect to learn as much as I did and be able to take sections of the program into my own personal life. Especially as I am not a mother myself but I was able to connect with the programme and the themes and the ups and downs of motherhood in my own way."

Emma Saxon - Barre&Baby Teacher

We are a worldwide team of 50+ teachers, each with different styles and passions (movement teachers, dance teachers, midwives, biomedical scientists, lawyers, engineers, doulas, babywearing consultants, psychologist, dance movement psychotherapists, … ) with one shared aim:

we deeply believe in the power of movement and dance to positively affect our bodies, minds and daily lives!

We embrace different dance and movement styles, from ballet, contemporary, jazz, latin, salsa and all the way to kathak dance, pilates, high heels, burlesque .

"I am very happy that I have found a way to take Kathak forward to pregnant and postnatal women, which is something quite new for the dance form. I also have renewed confidence in myself, and believe that I have something to offer women in the form of this knowledge and class."

Jalpa Shah - Professional Kathak dancer and Barre&Baby Teacher

"I am so glad I choose to do this course and become a barre & baby teacher. I LOVE IT ❤️ I love your passion, the work, the benefits, the other teachers, how it's made me grow, how the other teachers have grown. I will be forever grateful. "

Mrs Elizabeth Johnson - Ballet Teacher