Dance can be strengthening and liberating

Why Dance for Mums?

From both a physical and mental point of view, dance can be strengthening and liberating.

Every step of Barre&Baby has been designed to improve pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing. By involving everything from fingers to toes, we’re aiming to create space, improve circulation, strengthen the body and increase flexibility. Greater body awareness leads to better posture and alignment (crucial to avoiding aches and pains) and empowers mums to trust their body’s signals (so useful during pregnancy and birth!).

Barre&Baby can provide powerful benefits for the mind too. As you concentrate on our dance steps, you’ll find yourself entering a sort of meditation in movement, while activating the release of endorphins (the ‘feel-good’ hormones), boosting energy levels and uplifting your spirit.

Finally, as the saying goes: “meet someone while dancing means meeting them in their soul”. Many friendships are born on the dance floor, and our students tell us Barre&Baby classes are a wonderful way to make new friends.

Why Dance for Babies?

By staying so close to you, your baby develops a sense of security and protection. Our soothing and relaxing music transmits positive feelings and supports your baby’s sensory development. The vestibular system (the part of the inner ear that helps coordinate movement with balance) is stimulated by your own movements as you dance, and your baby’s cardiac system grows stronger as a result of the workout.

By keeping your baby close, sharing breaths and emotions, you’ll create a deeper bond that will last a lifetime. We find babies often fall sleep as they move with their mum’s body, bathed in the sounds of classical music, making each class a special time to yourself (and as a mother of 3, I know how important this is!).