Christina Manzi

Barre&Baby Teacher Hertfordshire

Christina started ballet at the age of three and has never stopped loving the magical feeling when the music begins for pliés at the start of class.
Christina is a proud Mum to two boys. She danced through both pregnancies, and was back in class a couple of months after the births with husband Ben taking the babies in the sling into Regents Park, both hoping that they wouldn’t wake up needing a feed! Christina’s teacher, Nina, provided incredible support and encouragement to continue dancing, even offering to have the boys in the studio. This never happened as Christina didn’t want to disturb the peaceful class for everyone else! Barre & Baby was brought to Christina’s attention near the end of maternity leave and she jumped at the chance to train in Elisa’s very special method of prenatal, and mother and baby/baby-wearing ballet. Christina is delighted to be able to bring Barre & Baby to Hertfordshire mothers and babies.