Claudia Richli

Barre&Baby Co-Partner
Teacher in London

Through movement, I found my new self.


I’m Claudia, mother, movement poet, and firm believer that movement is an extension of the inner self.

Dance has been an integral part of my life, serving as a profound source of release and equilibrium. As I navigated the transformative path from womanhood to motherhood, I found myself immersed in the depth of intricate and beautiful emotions. This transformative voyage
fuelled by dance and movement, helped me understanding my evolving self, inspiring me in 2018 to hold a nurturing, dancing space for fellow mothers. Here, they can embody the intense physical, emotional, and social changes inherent in their motherhood journey.

My commitment to growth is unwavering. Through my ongoing research, I delve into the origins and expressions of movement, exploring how Laban Movement Analysis can act as a support system for new mothers in expressing their individual journeys and attaining a semblance of

In the delicate dance between mind and body – equal, intertwined, and mutually nourishing – I strive to contribute to the understanding and celebration of the profound non-verbal language that is movement.

Mothers and babies are invited to join me in studio in London.
For professionals in the perinatal field, psychometricians, movement practitioners, dancers, movement teachers and anyone eager to support mothers physically and emotionally through dance and movement, I meet you to the transformative training sessions delivered by our
Barre&Baby™ Training Centre.