Claudia Richli

Barre&Baby Teacher - London

Claudia is a French native, in her mid-thirties, who started studying jazz dance in Paris 20 years ago. She subsequently qualified with Gold Medal as a professional dancer and performed some years as a soloist in a Junior Jazz Ballet Company.

Partisan of the “Universality” of dance and willing to explore further, Claudia decided to go back to school and develop herself in contemporary dance. She was lastly seen on stage in 2016 in Normandy and in Paris.

Claudia loves argentine tango and met her husband in an abrazo. Together they spent nights dancing in Parisian ballrooms, performed for private events and taught in different places.

Jazz, Tango, Ballet, Contemporary… this is where the Universality of dance resides. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow, movement is life and translates in infinite concepts: Connections, freedom, mindfulness, emotions…

Claudia is a certified Barre&Baby teacher and mum of Isaure, a one year old little girl, who will be assisting her during Barre&Baby classes.

Claudia believes that:

“Pregnancy and motherhood are paramount times in life when mothers focus on their bodies, emotions, changes… times of sensitivity and creativity… It is also a magical time when dance helps reconnecting with oneself by creating great opportunities to discover the multiple benefits of an interaction with our babies as well as with other mums.”