Emma Saxon

Barre&Baby Teacher

Emma was born in Cambridge, UK, with an innate attraction towards dance, music, and poetry: a trio of passions that she has pursued and carried with her all the way to adulthood, and to her life as a Barre&Baby teacher.

A self-professed geek with a PhD in biology from the University of Nottingham, Emma has special interests in human development, anatomy and physiology, which she now brings to the physical and technical side of teaching Barre&Baby.

From a young age, Emma has loved welcoming babies into her family and friendship groups, and particularly enjoys knitting blankets and toys for them (so far, six blankets, a monkey, a zebra, a dinosaur and a lion!)

Emma brings a calm energy and a smile to class, harnessing the power of ballet to create supportive communities of parents and babies who inspire one another.