Ilaria Cimarelli

Barre&Baby Teacher Italy

Ilaria started dancing when she was 5 years old and her passion led her to experiment many different types of dance: ballet, contemporary, modern, aerial silk, latin dance and kizomba. She studied and graduated in Psychology and Health at University in Rome.
Ilaria is an auntie to four children, who she considers the most incredible gift her sister and her brother could ever give to her. Through them, she had the amazing possibility to deeply discover pregnancy and motherhood and she started reading books, talking with midwives and doulas in order to nurture her spontaneous interest in “mothering”. When she discovered Barre&Baby she knew that’s what she wanted in life: in just few months she decided to leave everything in Rome and come to London to train as a Barre&Baby teacher! After an year of sharing the love in London, Ilaria has decided to be the first seed of Barre&Baby in Italy and she’s now head back to her home town Rome to share the love of Barre&Baby.

Ilaria’s words:

“I am truly in love with what I do. Creating a welcoming and nourishing space for the mums, dancing and sharing the class with them makes me feel in the right place in the world!”