Irenka Barud

Barre&Baby Teacher Spain, Madrid

Irenka has been involved with the art of movement since her early childhood. From the age of 7 till 14, she took part in highly competitive rhythmic gymnastics in Alicante, always in love with dance, especially through movies and inspired by her grandmother and mother.

She studied and graduated in Graphic Design, then she moved to Madrid to continue her studies in different fields in the world of art, design, and film. After hard years of combining studies and work, she returned to dance in her early 30s. Irenka began by experimenting with classical, contemporary, and modern jazz dance, creating an addiction for these disciplines.

Soon after, motherhood came into her life and so did doubts about whether to continue or to stop dancing came to her mind. Thanks to all the support she received from her dance teachers and adapting exercises, she could continue with her classes. She experienced absolute physical and mental well-being throughout her pregnancy. For this reason, she started to look for classes that combined her passion for dance with motherhood and found Barre & Baby.

For a long time, she followed Barre & Baby feeling inspired by their philosophy and wishing that one day these classes would exist in Spain.

Then came her second pregnancy plus the pandemic, but she continued dancing at home, maintaining her mood and body. When the second baby arrived, she began to dance while carrying her baby and discovered a new world of sensations and benefits. Just then Barre & Baby offered the Teacher Training online. She enrolled in the course with the hope to learn and be able to share this experience with the mums and future mums in Madrid.

Words from Irenka:

“It is never too late to learn and share what you are really passionate about.”


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