Mariella Ringerthaler

Barre&Baby Teacher Salzburg, Austria

Mariella’s journey with ballet began in her childhood, igniting a passion that would weave through the tapestry of her life, despite a long break from ballet. She graduated as a primary school teacher and became mother to four children. Her diverse experiences range from unexpected teenage pregnancy to planned births, including C-section and home births. Throughout this journey she has always been passionate about baby wearing.

In her late twenties, Mariella rediscovered the beauty and magic of ballet, initially driven by a desire to get fit. Yet, dance offered more than a strong and flexible body: it brought self-esteem, body awareness and a tool to navigate complex emotions.

Blending her pedagogical background with the profound experiences of motherhood, Mariella is fueled by a deep desire to enhance the parent-child relationship. Her pregnancies and childbirth experiences sparked a fascination with the human body and the various benefits of movement.

During her fourth pregnancy, Mariella continued dancing in a regular ballet class and seamlessly transitioned to a pregnancy yoga class in the third trimester. Post-birth and after the pandemic, she joined a yoga class for parents and toddlers, kindling a desire to offer a dance class for parents and their children. This led her to discover Barre&Baby. Whilst working on her preparation for the Barre&Baby teacher training, she also became a certified Pilates instructor.

Join Mariella’s class in Salzburg, Austria, where it’s not just about exercise, but also about building connections, discovering yourself and enjoying the magic of movement and music.