Barre&Baby is a space for people to bring balance back into their lives using the beauty of dance and movement.
I believe that when you feel balanced, you can love without boundaries.

And loving without boundaries is exactly the reason Elisa was inspired to create Barre&Baby.

Elisa’s inspiration

I started dancing at the age of 6 in a ballet school in my home town. My passion for dance came at once, and I wanted to practise almost every day. At the age of 15, I began teaching ballet to children from two to 10 years old and I loved it!
But as I got older and started working, dance took less of a central role in my life.
Then I became pregnant with my first son, Nicolo, nine years ago. I felt the importance of moving my body in a way that made space for this growing baby, so I began studying pregnancy anatomy (with much more studying since!).
And when Nicolo was born, my body felt so different, my mind so overwhelmed…I felt under pressure to become the ‘perfect mum’. With so many courses and teachings available, I felt supported – but also inadequate and lost.
I kept questioning if my choices and actions were the right ones. I kept looking elsewhere for answers, instead of simply looking inside myself.
It was only when dancing (at home with Nicolo, as there were no suitable classes to join) that I was able to go back to my instincts, and finally trust that the choices I was making for Nicolo and myself were the right ones.
I kept reading… and dancing… and throughout those first weeks and months, ballet was my secure base, my grounding. Through the ballet steps I was able to work with the changes in my body and to grow even stronger and better from them.
When I had my second son, I decided to share all the positive effects that ballet has given me with other mums. And Barre&Baby was born!

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