Barre&Baby is a space for people to bring balance back into their lives using the beauty of dance and movement.
I believe that when you feel balanced, you can love without boundaries.

And loving without boundaries is exactly the reason Elisa was inspired to create Barre&Baby.

Movement has always been my medicine.

I started dancing at the age of 5. Since then movement, and dance in particular, has been the way I connect with myself, with my body and with my emotions.

I become mother to my first child in 2011 and this completely changed me: my body felt so different, my mind so overwhelmed… I felt under pressure to become the ‘perfect mum’. I kept looking elsewhere for answers, instead of simply looking inside myself.

It was only when dancing that I was able to go back to my instincts, and finally trust that the choices I was making for my baby and myself were the right ones. I started to study and take trainings around maternity and movement, and experimented with it as part of my own pregnancy and maternity journey.

Fascinated by the anatomy and physiology of an expectant and new mother, I created Barre&Baby in 2012 to empower mothers through movement and dance.

It has since become a community of 40+ teachers and thousands of mothers across the world. All Barre&Baby teachers are trained by me through an intense and deep study of the woman’s body and the role of mothers in today’s society.

As I deepened my study of the body, I wanted to go beyond what movement couldn’t reach. This led me to reflexology, allowing me to work more directly with particular organs and systems of the body to support women heal from very specific ailments.

Barre&Baby is the result of study of movement, of anatomy and physiology, of deep listening to mothers needs and mainly to huge passion for the natural form of dance, as language, as expression.

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