We are a worldwide team of teachers, each with different styles and passions (ballet, jazz, tango, contemporary dance, pilates, yoga) but with one shared aim:

we believe in the power of dance and movement to positively affect our bodies, minds and daily lives!

Our classes are not only “simple” dance (which by the way it’s an art in itself).
In the background there’s hard work in studying in detail the transformation your body goes through: the incredible anatomical changes in your physical body, the physiological changes in your mind.

We work hard at preparing the right exercises that will make you FEEL GOOD, because each step we teach has a purpose to improve, facilitate and nourish your pregnancy or postnatal recovery.

We thrive at supporting your babywearing, as we love it and we know (because we’ve studied it!) the huge benefits it has for your baby, for you, and, believe it or not, for the society.

We are fully committed at creating the base for a loving and respectful beginning into the world, which may even have positive echoes on future generations.

Finally, we love babies (even the invisible ones in the womb!), but that’s not enough to make us GOOD teachers. We need preparation to serve you well. 
In short, we take things seriously (but we have lots of fun too during the class!)