"What an absolutely fabulous class. It was great to connect as a family and to have a lot of fun at the same time!"


pelvis, incontinence, diastasis recti

Pelvis Wellness Workshop

Saturday 18th July 10:30am - 12pm BST

In this 90 minutes workshop, we’ll look at what makes a healthy pelvis and we’ll learn specific movements and exercises to incorporate in your everyday life to help you address symptoms of diastasis recti, back pain, pelvic issues (like incontinence, pain, weakened muscles).

All bodies are welcome (men have pelvic floors too 🙂 !)

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Tango Workshop for expectant and new parents

Open to family expecting a baby or holding one already close, this Tango workshop is about family, love and movement. It's about moving together in this new journey, respecting each other spaces, breaths and needs. For expecting couples, this is about preparing to move into a new family balance.
All levels are welcome, no prerequisite.

After many years of dancing tango as a couple and after welcoming their daughter Isaure in their lives, Claudia (Barre&Baby certified teacher) and her husband Romain, found in tango many elements in common with Barre&Baby: baby, mummy and daddy, in an embrace, breathing, moving and bonding together.
And they’d like to share the benefits of “Family Balance”, with you, in the first Barre&Baby Tango workshop.

Please wear comfortable clothes for you and your little one. Tango shoes are welcome if you have, but comfortable heels for women, dance snickers, other dance shoes or socks are perfect too (especially for mums-to-be who might feel better bare feet!).

Mums with babies will dance carrying babies tummy-to-tummy in a sling or wrap. If ever you need specific assistance or a sling, Claudia will be supporting you.

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£30/ family for the Tango workshop.

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